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Laser Scanning - Renishaw SLM (XML) - 20


Driver to control and decode data from a Renishaw Scanning Laser Module.

This SLM unit can be a stand alone system, or part of a  Renishaw  configuration, combining accurate GNSS, an INS and one or two Laser Scanning Heads, already fully calibrated for mounting angle offsets.

Stand alone SLM system

Dynascan configuration (single head and dual head)

MERLIN – Time-tagged, vessel mountable, Lidar system

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stands for  L ight  A mplification by  S timulated  E mission of  R adiation. Laser class used by the LMS is 1 (FDA/IEC/EN60825-1), which is eye-safe, or 2 when the optional red pointer is available.

Notice that the driver has user-interface in order to control the laser unit system, which can be found in the Controller's Echosounder Settings dialog. For more information see Online setup below.