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Drivers Manual

Laser Scanning - RIEGL VQ-250 (UTC) - 20


Driver to decode data from RIEGL VQ-250 laser scanners.


Ultra-high speed “full circle” laser scanner,
ideal for mobile mapping applications

1.5m - 500m

Two VQ-250 scanners,
combined and integrated with
GNSS and INS on one platform.

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

All RIEGL VQ laser scanners are eye-safe, using laser class 1R (IEC 60825-1). Characteristic of class 1R laser is that you will not receive any reflection from a water surface, which makes this scanner ideal for combining with multibeam data acquisition surveys.

It is highly recommended to interface the VQ scanner with a Time Synchronization pulse, in order to time-tag all data with UTC. Actually, this interfacing requirement is mandatory when using the scanner on a moving platform. 

The so-called PPS pulse should comes from an external GNSS receiver. See paragraph 'Interfacing' below for more details.


Please contact QPS if you need support for the RIEGL VQ-180 or VQ-450 scanner types which are not described in this document.