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Overview Error Codes for LEICA HDSxxx or Zoller+Fröhlich IMAGER/PROFILER Laser Scanner:

Firmware / SDK version: 8.9.0

Error Nr.ErrorSourceDescription
0ok successfull
1undef undefined error
100nio Common error not further defined
103command param missingcommandPlease read online manual for more information about command and params
104command param wrongcommandPlease read online manual for more information about command and params
105Password wronguser 
106Version conflictfirmware 
107command not implementedcommandThe command you have tried is not defined
109command param missingcommandPlease read online manual for more information about command and params
110no rightscommandYou have not the rights to execute the command. You need superuser rights.
111function disabledcommand 
112currently not possibleprogress 
113error open siohardware 
115in proccess, please waitprogress 
116user abortuserThe user cancelled the action
117unknown fileformatconfiguration 
118not available in this configurationconfiguration 
119not possible at this timeprogress 
120login failureuser 
121other user already logged inuser 
122logout must be loginuseruser 
123Pin not setuser 
124Pin wronguser 
132socket connection to slowscanning 
200USB read/write failedhardware 
202USB chip FX2 not foundhardware 
203Upload program to FX2 failedhardware 
204FX2 ASUSBlaserhardware 
205FX2 PWRCTRLpowerboard 
206FPGA file not foundlaserhardware 
220FPGA upload failedlaserhardware 
221FPGA check no successlaserhardware 
240no connection to as over siolaserhardware 
241power switched offpowerboard 
400no lara ini fileconfiguration 
401configfile writeconfiguration 
402no lara lut fileconfiguration 
405wrong config entryconfiguration 
406miss config entryconfiguration 
407does not existconfiguration 
409problem load sw-lutconfiguration 
500missing environmentfirmware 
603set laser filterlaserhardware 
621Sensor too lowgeneral 
622Sensor too highgeneral 
623Sensor absolut maxgeneral 
625Temperaturecalib out of rangeconfiguration 
626Undefined temperature calibrationconfiguration 
627Laserpower cannot be setlaserhardware 
628Filter can not be setlaserhardware 
629as reports errorlaserhardware 
634Laser overwrite activehardware 
635Problem warmup systemhardware 
703Battery emptyscanning 
704No battery pluged onscanning 
705Powersupply voltage to lowscanning 
800Transmition errorscanning 
801Lost blocksscanningSome lines are lost while scanning.
802Scan paramuser 
804Start scan streamscanning 
810harddisk accessscanning 
811Create zfs filescanning 
812Disk fullscanningPlease use other disk
813Timeout triggerhardwareScanner does not found start of scan. Please create report and call service
814Timeout no datahardwarePlease retart otherwise create report and call service
816Can't create folderscanning 
817External disk accessscanning 
818FIFO overrunhardwareInternal hardware problem
819Laser monitoringlaserhardware 
820External disk no access, use intern disk insteadscanning 
821External disk no accessscanning 
822No usbstick founduser 
823File not founduser 
824Copy file faileduser 
825Disk run out of spacescanning 
826External disk access, use other external diskscanning 
827Lasersafetysequence failed. Restart system.hardwarePlease restart system
828Error on create next part of scanfilescanning 
829External disk removed while scanningscanning 
830Reference out of rangesystemcheck 
831File already exist! Overwrite ?user 
832No calibration for this settings. Calibration can be attached afterwards as well.configuration 
834Disk fullscanningCleanup disk. Remove scans from disk
839Low speed motor timeoutmotor 
840process already runninguser 
841no pause of previous scanuser 
842camera or motor not readycamera 
843highest resolution without any selectionuser 
844referenz intensity not between limitslaserhardware 
845modulator out of limitslaserhardware 
846emergency switch acticehardwarePlease check emergency switch is released
847Referencmeasurement faulthardwarePlease call service
848Referencmeasurement faulthardwarePlease call service
849Referencmeasurement to less measurementshardwarePlease call service
900Vert-Motor initmotorNo access to motor controller. May motor controller or powersupply demaged.
901Vert-Motor referenzmotorProblem on referenz
902Vert-Motor speedmotorMotor does not reached desired speed. Motor or mechanical problem.
903Vert-Motor goto positionmotor 
905Vert-Motor stop timeoutmotor 
906Vert-Motor faultmotor 
907Vert-Motor speed. Please use warmup functionmotor 
951Horz-Motor referenzmotor 
952Horz-Motor speedmotor 
953Horz-Motor goto positionmotor 
955Horz-Motor stop timeoutmotor 
956Horz-Motor faultmotor 
957Horz-Motor hold faultmotor 
960Problem configurate motormotor 
961Configuration motor not okmotor 
963Horz-Motor encoder index problem detectedmotor 
1000Camera no accesscameraCamera is not detected. Please check cable, battery and camera is on.
1001Camera not readycamera 
1003Can't take image on cameracamera 
1004Can't detect cameracamera 
1005Can't save camera imagecamera 
1006Error on calculate white-balancecamera 
1008Error copy white-balance file(scamera 
1010Get global params failedcamera 
1011Graycard not recognised or not correct mountedcameraPlease check that graycard is on correct position
1012camera light selection maybe wrongcamera 
1013i-cam selected but m-cam detectedcamera 
1014problem getting camerapositioncameratry one more
1050problem accessing infrared camerainfraredtry one more
1051problem getting image from infrared camerainfraredtry one more
1100level not foundlevel 
1102level get valuelevel 
1103level out of rangelevel 
1104level moving while scanning detectedlevelScanner has moved while scanning. Detected by first and last measurement.
1105not leveledlevel 
1106level register failurelevel 
1120dynamic compensator too fast movement detected. The affected lines will be filtered out later.levelArea with to moch movement will clipped out. Or try additional scan
1121dynamic compensator out of allowed rangelevelto much movement or not leveled. Maybe try another scan
1122dynamic compensator has no valid valueslevel 
1206Safety logic does not worksystemcheck 
1208One or more checks are disabledsystemcheck 
1209AS lookedlaserhardwarePlease call service
1210Cover not removeduserPlease remove cover and try again
1301gps receiver not foundgpsCould not find a GPS. GPS does not send NMEA strings. Maybe portsettings wrong.
1302gps position too oldgpsGPS position is older than time defined in configuration
1303gps signal too badgpsToo less satellits for accurate position. See configuration for limit.
1304gps no positiongps 
1305gps no utc timegps 
1306pps miss signalgpsNo PPS detected on counter1 input. Please check cable and signals.
1307pps signal lostgpsPPS signal lost while scanning. Please check GPS configuration, cable and signals.
1601cameramotor connectcameramotorCameramotor of m-cam not found. Maybe not connected.
1602cameramotor referenzcameramotor 
1603cameramotor gotocameramotor 
1604cameramotor timeout commandcameramotor 
1606cameramotor cmd wrongcameramotor 
1701patch config unsuccessfulconfiguration 
1702wrong serial numberconfiguration 
1703config value not definedconfiguration 
2001connect to zfnetstorage-server not possible, maybe not run or wrong settingsnetstorage 
2002lost connection to zfnetstorage-servernetstorage 
2004watchdog timeoutprofiler 
2101m-cam/i-cam not foundm-camm-cam not connected to the system
2102m-cam(i-camm-camProblem initialise m-cam
2103m-cam/i-cam setupm-cam 
2104m-cam/i-cam capturem-camNot possible to capture image
2105m-cam/i-cam removedm-cam 
2202join slavespecial 
2500Marker mode not supportedprofiler 
2501Wrong param marker modeprofiler 
2800create imagecalculation 
2801create preview imagecalculation 
2900reference motorp9000 
3000imu problemimu 
3001imu problemimu config miss 
3002imu not connectedimu 
3003no data from imuimu 
3004imu hardwareimu 
3005imu command failedimu 
3100prepaid account empty.hardware 
3101prepaid recharge failed. Code wronghardware 
3102prepaid recharge failed. Code already usedhardware 
3103prepaid recharge failed. File not foundhardware 
3200faild to open scanscan 
3201index not in scanscan 
3300sensorboard not foundnav 
3301sensorboard version missmatchnav