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Leica TPS1000 Series Theodolite (GeoCOM) - 10


Driver for Leica TPS1000 Series Theodolites, using the GeoCOM protocol and a direct cable connection.
Driver to decode range observation and both horizontal and vertical angles from a Leica theodolite.
The actual interrogation of the Leica theodolite is done on every fix update as defined in the Qinsy Controller.

Online, the Leica driver starts up with a user interface window, allowing a user to change the driver mode (standby, calibration, measurement data, and manual data entry), select (and aim to) a target prism, and to change certain sensor settings, such as Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), backlight, cross-wire light.

The user interface window will show the user selections, the prism correction, the decoded observations and both the general and data reply codes from the theodolite.
When the Leica driver is in calibration mode, the differences (mean and standard deviation) between the observed and computed observations are displayed.
After a calibration is done, the computed horizontal orientation can be set to align the Leica to grid north.