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Liebherr WireCrane (dZ) - 02


Driver to decode the wire lengths, boom angle and any other variable (e.g. joystick buttons) from the PLC of a Liebherr wire crane.
The driver will calculate the corrected vertical distances from the forward sheave to the grab's upper and lower table and to the tips of the grab shell and output them as USBL observations.
It contains user interface that enables the user to set up the calculation and to perform the calibration of the wire length measurements.
The driver can decode raw miscellaneous observations, various USBL observations that can be used to position the grab, the grab angle as a pitch observation and a flag observation that indicates if the grab is open or closed.

The driver automatically creates a grab definition XML file (named "GrabDefinitions.xml") in the Support subfolder of the current project folder.
This file is used to store one or multiple grab definitions.
The different grab types can be selected by the user in the setup page.

The grab definition is used in the calibration and calculation so it is important to select the correct grab.

Driver Information

Driver Liebherr WireCrane  Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated <CR>
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvQPSTerminatedUI.exe WIRECRANE 
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Interfacing Notes

The PLC needs to be interfaced with a two way serial cable to the serial port of the PC.

The PLC uses a unique identification of its internal variables. By default for the boom angle and the wire lengths the following variables are used:


Boom Angle


Back Winch Length


Front Winch Length

The driver uses this convention by default but in case a new crane is used with different PLC variable assignment it is possible to tell the driver which variables are used for the boom angle and wire lengths by defining a miscellaneous system with a specific slot string.
For more info see the section on Database Setup below.

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Define a USBL system, select Driver "Liebherr WireCrane (dZ)" and define up to 5 observations:


Slot String

From front sheave to upper table (only Z)


From front sheave to lower table (only Z)


From front sheave to forward tip (only Y,Z)


From front sheave to aft tip (only Y,Z)


From front sheave to bottom of grab (only Z)


Pitch Roll and Heave Sensor

Define a pitch roll and heave sensor, Select Driver "Liebherr WireCrane (Pitch) and the same com port parameters as the USBL system.
The grab angle will be decoded as pitch when slot string GRAB is selected.
The boom  angle will be decoded as pitch when slot string BOOM is selected.
A boom angle of e.g. 60 degrees will be translated to a pitch of 60 degrees.


Slot String

Pitch angle of boom


Pitch angle of tool


If two shells are to be used and displayed then a Clone driver can be used. Be sure to use the slot GRAB also in the clone driver.

Dredging Sensor Flag observations

Define a dredging sensor, Select Driver "Liebherr WireCrane (Grab Open/Close)" and the same com port parameters as the USBL system.

Grab Open/close flag

Add a flag observation,  it can be used for the grab open close switch required for the grab dredging system.
The observation is "0" when the grab is closed and "1" when the grab is opened, the grab angle is larger than the defined threshold. Slot String should be "OPEN".

Joystick button as a flag observation

Add a dredge sensor with the observation type flag with the correct slot Id.

For example   " IX1.67.1". Now whenever the joystick button is pressed this observation becomes "1", else it will be "0".
This observation can be used in an eventing system or dredging system.

Miscellaneous System

Define a Miscellaneous System, select Driver "Liebherr WireCrane (PLC Monitoring)" and the same com port parameters as the USBL system.
You can add any variable here that you would like to get from the PLC such as Actual Load, Actual Tared Load etc.

The slot string should look like this:

For a float value: MDX.X e.g MD1.30, MD4.2

For an integer: IX1.67.1 (Left Joystick push button at top right)


If value MD1.39 represents the forward winch length then add "FW" to the slot string, the driver will decode it as the forward winch length.
This also applies to back winch length and boom angle:

Slot suffix:

Interpreted by driver as:


Forward winch


Back winch


Boom Angle

Example slot strings: MD1.32BA, MD1.39FW MD1.40BW.