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Manual Object Link - 24


This driver can be used to calculate the position of an object that is linked in a pivot point to another object without the need of a positioning system.
This driver gives the same result as the "Manual Layback" driver with a user defined layback of zero.
This driver doesn't have any user interface. It can be used in setups where one needs to position the arm of a crane or dredging ladder.
The zero layback will result in identical calculated positions of both objects' nodes. 

Driver Information

Driver Manual Object Link  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output
Executable DrvManualLaybackLink.exe  
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Database Setup

First define two new nodes on the two objects that will together form a "pivot point pair".

The Object Link Driver is added to the database by selecting a new system "Manual Layback System" with the "Object Link" driver. No communication parameters need to be set.

Select any of the nodes of the pivot as the "At Node" and the other node as "To Node".