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Naval GPS Data Link (PLO) - 15

Driver for outputting multiple nodes using the Naval GPS Datalink Controller Output format.

The user interface makes it possible to select output computation and node, heading and height reference.
There are also options to enter a maximum node age and to enable a node status check before outputting the update.

Driver Naval GPS Data Link (PLO)  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output Executable DrvOutMultiPositionUI.exe 
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Related Pages command line parameter controls the output data format:


"Naval GPS Data Link" output format


"Subsea Telemetry" output format


"Statoil Data Server" output format


"GeoLab ESP Annotator" output format


"Fugro POS_TELEM" output format


The following 3 PLO input/output driver setup parameters are read from registry: time separator character (by default ':'), UTC GPS time indication ('U' or 'G', by default 'U'), and height unit (1 to 14, by default 1).
The height units are according to the Qinsy unit.dll: 1 is meters, 2 is feet, 3 is yards, 4 is US survey feet.

These driver setup parameters are also used by a Naval GPS Data Link (PLO) input driver if this driver has got a command line parameter "REG".
See the description of the Naval GPS Data Link (PLO) input driver.