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Naval GPS Data Link (PLO) Position - 12

Driver for Naval GPS Datalink Controller Output. Driver supports multiple vessels (positions and headings).

Two versions of the driver are available: a Serial version and a Network version (UDP).
The internal workings of the drivers are the same except for the data reception.

Driver Naval GPS Data Link (PLO) Interface Type Serial
Driver Class Type Terminated <LF> 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable

DrvNavalGpsLink.exe REG CS
DrvNavalGpsLinkUDP.exe REG CS

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In order to use multiple vessel positions , add a new "Object" for each vessel and add a "System" of type "Position navigation system" to each of the vessels.

Make sure to select the same driver and I/O parameters.
Enter the appropriate time slot number as receiver number.
Since elevations can be with respect to mean sea level, make sure to select the appropriate vertical datum.

In order to decode (also) the compass headings , add a "System" of type "Gyro" to each vessel.
Enter the time slot numbers as gyro observation slot identifier. command line parameter "NOCS" disregards the checksum field. Omitting this parameter or using parameter "CS" will not decode the data when the checksum calculation fails.
Parameter "REG" will read 3 parameters from registry, see below. If "REG" is not found on the command line, then the parameters "M", "F", "E" can be used to indicate that elevations are in meters, US survey feet, or (English) feet, respectively.

The elevation is always saved in the survey units that have been selected in the database setup program. Parameters "G" and "U" can be used to indicate that time is GPS time or UTC time, respectively.

Registry Options


If parameter "REG" is found on the command line, the following 3 PLO input/output driver setup parameters are read from registry: time separator character (by default ':'), UTC GPS time indication ('U' or 'G', by default 'U'), and height unit (1 to 14, by default 1).

The time separator is not important for input. The height units are according to the Qinsy unit.dll: 1 is meters, 2 is feet, 3 is yards, 4 is US survey feet, etc.