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Network - Anchor Input - 23


Driver to be used to receive the anchor configuration/position of another Qinsy computer via a network connection.
Driver is used in conjunction with Anchor Output Driver.

Both computers should be connected through their network connection; this can either be a direct cross-over cable or though a hub.
The TCP/IP settings on both machines should be set up correctly.

Note : The anchor positions are transferred as Eastings/Northings on the survey datum so for correct visualization it is important that both Qinsy's have the same geodetic set-up.

The so-called remote anchor information can be visualized in the Navigation Display.
Anchor labels will have an '*' behind their names, to distinguish them from possible locally defined anchors.
In order to visualize remote anchors in the Navigation Display, you must enable the checkbox on the Anchors Layers Page of the View Properties.

Driver Information

Driver Network - Anchor Input  Interface Type UDP/TCP-IP Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvAnchorInput.exe 
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Database Setup

Make sure to select the same port number as set up on the computer that sends the Anchor Information.

Note : It is not necessary to define any generic observations when using this driver.

So you can skip the second page when adding the system to the template.