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Network - ARPA 3500 Targets (WinSocket) - 33


Driver to decode data received from ARPA 3500 Radar Server.

The Radar Server is responsible for tracking ARPA targets.
The Radar Server broadcasts the resulting position of the targets on the network.

Driver Information

Driver Network - ARPA 3500 Targets (WinSocket)  Interface Type LAN  Driver Class Type Unknown 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvARPA3500Socket.exe 
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Interfacing Notes

The driver can handle a maximum of 100 targets (default).
If you need to track more targets at the same time, change the decimal value of registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPSQinsy\7.0\Drivers\Targets\Settings\ MaxTargetsOnIPC".

If a target has not been updated for more than 30 seconds (default), it will be removed.
If you want to track lost targets for a longer period, change the decimal value (in seconds) of registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPSQinsy\7.0\Drivers\Targets\Settings\MaxAge"

ARPA Target message broadcasts use the UDP multicast protocol.

In order to set up the UDP multicast protocol three parameters need to be configured:

  • The first parameter is the network port on which the multicast messages will be received.
    By default, the network ports are as follows: X-Band server: 5010, S-Band server: 6010.
    This parameter needs to be entered in the 'Port number' field which is also found on the 'Edit System' page in the 'System' wizard.
  • The second parameter that needs to be configured is IP address of the network interface on which the multicast messages will be received.
    This is one of the IP addresses of the network cards as found in the PC running Qinsy.
    This parameter needs to be entered in the 'IP address' field of the 'Edit system' page in the 'System' wizard.
  • The third parameter is the UDP multicast group IP address.
    This parameter needs to be added as a command line parameter in the 'Drivers.IO' file.
    This file is found in the Qinsy installation folder (default folder 'C:\Program Files\QPS\Qinsy 8.1').
    For the current default ( open the 'Driver.IO' file and search for 'DrvARPA3500Socket.exe'.
    Please bear in mind that white spaces in the 'Driver.IO' file should be filled with spaces (do not use tabs) and that the columns need to line up in order to make the file usable by Qinsy.

The following data is decoded:

  • Id number
  • Name
  • Status
  • X/Y Offset (relative to antenna)
  • Speed over ground (knots)
  • Course over ground (deg)
  • Quality number