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Network - Data Logger (UDP Port) - 23


Driver will store all received data on a UDP Network port, straight to a file on disk. 

Driver Information

Driver  Network - Data Logger (UDP Port)  Interface Type UDP/IP-Client Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable


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Database Setup

Use Database Setup to add a miscellaneous system to your template database, and select the driver "Network Data Logger (UDP Port)".
Enter the port number and select <Finish> (No need to add observations for this driver).

When the Controller is on-line and a recording session is started, this driver will store all received network data to a file in the current project's LogFiles folder.
The filename has the same name as the current storage db name, plus the name of the system between brackets and has extension "*.raw".

Registry Options

An advanced user may tweak the following registry key: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPS\QINSy\8.0\Drivers\Network Data Logger\Settings"

Default extension ("raw") may be changed, e.g. to "bin"

LogMode is by default set to 1. If you change it to 0, no data will be stored to disk.

Flag is by default set to 1. If you change it to 0, no UNIX filename convention will be used.

Do not change the InitBufferSize, should be 40000hex.