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Network - Odom Echotrac (Control on data port) - 01


Driver for decoding depth sensor messages in Odom Echotrac Network format.

The driver will decode the Acoustic Data Packets that are received from the Odom Echotrac echosounder over a network.
These messages have an ASCII header and several binary data fields.
The header is used for recognizing Acoustic Data Packets.
The acoustic sample parameters are used to calculate the expected size of the message.
Only the depth parameter will be used for further processing

Driver with user-interface, so settings can be changed online, by clicking on the system button on the task bar.

The format of the annotation output string can be selected online, under Settings – Annotation. By default, this is the same format as for decoding data.
There is also a possibility to send a direct annotation string.

All user selections are saved to Windows registry and restored the next time an annotation driver with the same system name (as defined in Database Setup) is started.

The driver window displays the user selections. Note that decoded values are not shown in the display.

The difference between driver "Network - Odom Echotrac (Control on data port)" and "Network - Odom Echotrac (Control on data port & TD depth)"

For the second driver the decoded depth value will be adjusted for the draft, index and heave value.

Note that these three values are part of the acoustic data packet, and are set on the unit itself.

  • The decoded depth is from acoustic data packet bytes 18 - 21.
    This value will be used as depth observation when you select the first driver.
  • The decoded draft is from acoustic data packet bytes 22 - 23.
  • The decoded acoustic offset index is from acoustic data packet bytes 24 - 25.
  • The decoded heave is from acoustic data packet bytes 44 - 45.

Then the decoded depth will be corrected with the following formula: TD depth = depth - draft - index - heave.
So this value will be used as depth observation when you select the second driver.

The decoded depth is the depth that you will see in an Observations Physics Display.

Driver Information

Driver Network - Odom Echotrac (Control on data port)  Interface Type UDP + TCP-IP Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) Yes Input / Output Input and Output Executable DrvAnnotateUDP.exe ODOM MK3UDP 
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System Configuration

The Odom Echotrac annotations can be received and viewed in the Echart software.
To configure Echart to work with Qinsy the UDP port can be changed under the preferences.
The default UDP port is 1600:

To use the function to automatically record in Echart when data is recorded in Qinsy, the option 'Automatically synchronize recorded files with survey lines' must be checked:

Database Setup

The (Network UDP) Port number must be the same as the RemoteComputerPort number, where the Odom Echotrac Echosounder is sending the data onto the network.

Drivers IO Notes

Command line parameter ODOM indicates the manufacturer of the interfaced system. MK3UDP defines the type of echosounder.