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Network - Septentrio SBF (Binary) - 12


Driver that can be used to interface various models of Septentrio GPS receivers or OEM boards via the SBF (Septentrio Binary Format) binary protocol. For example the models AsteRx2, AsteRx3, PolaRx3, PolaRx4 support this protocol.
The driver interfaces through the network (TCP/IP), through the serial port, or via USB. The Septentrio board acts as a data server. The driver connects to this server, receives its connection identification (e.g. IP11,COM3, USB1) and free stream id (1-10), and requests which packets it would like to receive. See below for the message that is used.
This driver supports beside position and time tag (for Time Synchronization) optionally heading and pitch/roll but obviously only if the GPS receiver supports it and uses multiple antennas.

Older Models PolaRx2

Different drivers are available for the older models PolaRx2. These drivers do not support some of the newer SBF messages and they also require a different request message.

The default Ethernet (network) port is 28784.

The Driver will by default actively request for data. This means that the communication with the receiver needs to be two-way. Some Serial com ports on the receiver are only one-way so they should not be used. Refer to the manual of the receiver to find out which com ports are two-way.