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Network (UDP) - iXblue Std Bin (UTC) - 03


This is a driver with user-interface in order to encode messages for - and decode messages from an iXblue INS that supports the STD BIN protocol.


Note that the input of this driver works with versions 1 - 5 of the iXblue standard binary protocol.

Note that the output of this driver only works with version 3 and higher of the iXblue standard binary protocol.

During normal operation the INS will establish an accurate position for the ROV based on the integration of Inertial, Doppler, USBL, Depth Sensor and Surface Positioning (Computation Node Result) information.

This driver can send the necessary surface positioning information to the INS in order to enhance the INS solution. At the same time it will read and decode the integrated accurate ROV position and attitude data, which can be used in a separate Computation.

There are 3 versions of this driver:

  1. Serial 
  2. Network - TCP
  3. Network - UDP

The user-interface for all drivers is exactly the same, only the I/O protocol is different.

See also the Interfacing Notes at the System Interfacing tab.

In case your setup does not require to receive any data from the unit, and you only need to send data to the INS, see the additional comment in the Output setup section at the Qinsy Config tab.