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Network (UDP) - QPS Binary - Coverage Monitoring (UTC) - 12


The idea behind this driver is to decode Multibeam, Position, Motion and Heading data from another Qinsy setup.
This could, for example, be used when you have a main vessel and one or more ASVs.

This driver can then be added to the main vessel's Qinsy setup so you can monitor the coverage of the ASV in combination with your own coverage.
For outputting the Multibeam, Position, Motion and Heading data, you can use the "DTM Socket Output" option which is available from the Qinsy Controller.

Qinsy setup information related to input can be found in the Qinsy Config tab.
Qinsy online setup related to output can be found in the Qinsy Online tab.


This driver should only be used to monitor the coverage as the received footprints will shift about 2cm in any direction. Do not use this driver to record the primary database, grid or QPD.