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NMEA Position (GPGGA Western) - 12

This driver will be discontinued in a future QINSy release. Please use the NMEA Position and Heading (CheckSum) driver instead.


 Driver for concatenated NMEA-0183 $GPGGA sentences, containing GPS position fix data, each string preceded by a two character header with the mobile unit ID and an event flag. Driver to be used by WGC.

Driver Information

Driver NMEA Position (GPGGA Western)  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvNMEAWGC.exe 
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Decoding Notes

Antenna altitude and geoidal separation are added to obtain the antenna height above the WGS-84 ellipsoid.

Interfacing Notes

 No specific interfacing or configuring recommendations..

Database Setup

Add a "Variable Node" for the GPS position antenna to the Qinsy Database. Add a "Position navigation system" using the appropriate driver and interfacing parameters. Select the satellite system and datum.

Select the receiver position and enter the receiver number. Be sure to enter the same number as the vessel identifier for the mobile unit for which the NMEA $GPGGA positions are to be decoded (slot number).

The driver is able to decode more than one mobile unit position from the same COM port link. Just add a "Variable Node" and a "Position navigation system" with driver "NMEA position (GPGGA Western)" for each of the mobile units. Be sure to select the same COM port number and interface parameters for each of these systems, and that each receiver number corresponds to the mobile unit which is to be decoded. Qinsy will regard each of the systems as separate GPS systems, but only one driver process has to be started, and only one COM port has to be used to obtain all the data. Do not forget to setup separate computations.