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NMEA Target Messages (TLL-TLB-TTM) - 32


Driver to decode data received from systems tracking or detecting targets, e.g the Furuno CH-250 Sonar, and using the NMEA 0183 Standard for outputting target message.

These message can be:

  • $--TLL – Target Latitude and Longitude
  • $--TTM – Tracked Target Message
  • $--TLB – Target label

The following data is decoded from the TLL:

Target Id Number (0..99), Latitude (WGS84), Longitude (WGS84), Name, Target Status (Lost, Query, Tracking), Target Reference (indicating whether the given position is for own ship, or for other target)

The following data is decoded from the TTM:

Target Id Number (0..99), Speed, Course, Name , Status (Lost, Query, Tracking), Target Reference.

Data is only used for own ship messages!!!

The following data is decoded from the TLB:

None at the moment.

Driver Information


NMEA Target Messages (TLL-TLB-TTM)

Interface Type Serial

Driver class type


UTC Driver (question)


Input / Output Input


DrvContactData.exe NMEA

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Interfacing Notes

The driver can handle a maximum of 100 targets (default).
If you need to track multiple targets at the same time, change the decimal value of registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPS\QINSy\7.0\Drivers\Targets\Settings\ MaxTargetsOnIPC".

If a target has not been updated for more than 30 seconds (default), it will be removed.
If you want to track lost targets for a longer period, change the decimal value (in seconds) of registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPS\QINSy\7.0\Drivers\Targets\Settings\MaxAge"