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NMEA VTG (Bearing - Speed) - 30


This driver will decode track made good (bearing) and ground speed in knots from an NMEA VTG string.

Driver Information

Driver NMEA VTG (speed, Bearing) Interface Type Serial/UDP/TCP Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvQpsTerminated.exe 
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Decoding Notes

There is no time in the NMEA data strings. So data will be time stamped whenever it arrives at the port, using the computer's system or PPS?Time Synchronization time.

Values decoded from the NMEA sentences are converted to survey units/sec and degrees.

A possible checksum at the end of each NMEA sentence is ignored by the driver.

Database Setup

In order to decode the speed- and course over ground, add a Speed Log System to your template database and select the correct driver based on the used communication: "NMEA VTG (bearing & speed)", "Network (TCP) NMEA VTG (bearing & speed)" or "Network (UDP) NMEA VTG (bearing & speed)". On the second wizard page, add a 'Bearing (True)' observation, and add a 'Speed' observation. The slot ID can be left blank, the proper slot ID will be assigned at runtime.

Slot ID

The warning issued by Database Setup about the empty slot ID can be ignored.