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NovAtel SPAN (INSPVA - HEAVEA Format) - 18


Interface Type

Driver supports both serial as well as network (UDP and TCP) communication.
For the network driver please select the driver name that starts with "Network (UDP)- NovAtel..." or "Network (TCP)- NovAtel..."

Configuring the device

In order to enable the correct messages, create a connection to the device on the used interface (f.i. with I/O tester). Each message type needs to be individually activated. The following example enables #INSPVA, #INSCOV and #TIME messages and saves the configuration. (Unwanted message types may be omitted):

log inspvaa ontime 0.04
log inscova ontime 0.04
log timea ontime 1 

Driver to decode a position (latitude, longitude and height), heading and attitude (roll and pitch, no heave) from a NovAtel SPAN-CPT GPS/INS receiver, outputting the so-called INSPVA log format.
Further, the INS status, three velocity direction fields and the SD values for position, heading and attiitude (roll and pitch, no heave) can be decoded as generic observations.