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Odom Echoscan - 20


Driver for Odom Echoscan Multibeam Echosounders using a serial cable connection.
The Odom Echoscan is a 30 beam Echosounder which uses so-called physical beamforming.
In fact it can be seen as a multi transducer echosounder with all it's transducers integrated in a single hull.

The raw bathymetry packets can optionally be stored in the database.
Such a database can afterwards be used to export the XTF records to a separate file.
However, using this option will create much larger databases.

Driver Information


Odom Echoscan

Interface Type


Driver Class Type


UTC Driver (question)


Input / Output



DrvOdomEchoScan.exe NOCS

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Coding Notes

Decoding Notes

Timetag from data packets is not used, instead the time of arrival of the first string is used in combination with the latency provided in the output message. The latency is typically identical to the ping interval.

The Checksum is ignored.

Decoded ranges are considered to be from one common acoustic centre in the middle of the transducer hull.

The decoded Quality Indicator (QI) can be interpreted as a figure with the following possible values:


Beam Status


Bad (= worst)


Low Signal Strength


Out of Sequence


Good (=best)

Qinsy Configuration

Database setup

Refer to Odom documentation for information about the acoustic center of the transducer.

Drivers Specific Settings

In Database Setup for this driver some driver specific settings can be entered. These supersede the command line parameters.

The following settings can be selected:

Setting Option (bold=default) Description
Raw Bathymetry Storage* Disabled/Enabled

When Enabled the Raw (original) ECHOSCAN packets are stored in the database for XTF export.

*)  The decoded raw data is also stored so enabling Raw Storage will lead to larger Database sizes.

Qinsy Online

Controller Setup

When online, select the "Echosounder Settings" option from the "Settings" menu to define the online blocking and filtering of the multibeam echosounder data. Use a Raw Multibeam Display to show raw data and a Swath System Display to show the corrected scans.

To exclude invalid beam data from the result dtm's you can flag the beam based on the beam quality indicator value. Set for example the Echosounder settings "Exclude Data when - Quality outside" range from 3 to 3 to block beams that do not have a Quality of "Good".