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OPC Interface - 40


Driver that can be used to decode various data from any OPC (Ole for Process Control) server.
The driver connects over TCP/IP to an OPC DA 2.05 or DA 3.0 compliant data server program.
A server will always publish a number of OPC items ( the data fields), all of them identified by a unique name and OLE data type.
The driver can decode from this list one or more items as defined in an XML file DrvOpcClient.xml, located in the Qinsy folder.
With the use of slot names it is possible to link the data items to the systems in the template.
Data can be decoded as a Pitch/Roll sensor, USBL system, Gyro Compass, Surface Navigation System, Underwater sensor, Dredging sensor or Miscellaneous system.

Driver will only read data, it will not transmit any data.

The data communication is handled in accordance with the OPC standards.

USBL only: If either the USBL X,Y or Z value becomes higher than 99999.9 or smaller than -99999.9 then the observation will no longer be decoded!!