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Drivers Manual

Paroscientific SDI-12 Pressure TMitter - 23


Driver to decode air pressure and temperature from Paroscientific SDI-12 Digiquartz Precision Pressure transmitter.

Driver will interrogate transmitter for pressure and for temperature data at specified intervals.

Driver Information

Driver  Paroscientific SDI-12 Pressure TMitter  Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvParoscientificSDI12.exe 
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Interfacing Notes

For the interfacing from RS232 to the transmitter a level shifter is needed (for details see transmitter manual).

The cable running from the shifter to the COM port can be a flat cable or a cable without pin swapping.

Database Setup

Because the transmitter will wait a few seconds before the data is ready to be retrieved the update rate for the Paroscientific SDI-12 transmitter has to be set to 10 seconds minimum to ensure that all the data is recorded in the database.

For the slot number of the observations see below: