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R2Sonic 2000 Series (Network) Truepix - 27



Driver for R2Sonic 2000 series Multibeam Echosounders using a network connection (UDP).
The driver will decode the new BTH0 Bathymetry format but for backward compatibility it will still decode the Reson 8000 series bathymetry packets.
Make sure that the R2Sonic sounder is set up to output the new BTH0 packet if available (previous firm wares do not support the BTH0 format) because this format will support equidistant beam spacing whereas the old Reson format won't.


The multibeam driver can read the snippet data (SNI0 packets) as part of the Multibeam system. The snippets can also be shown in a sidescan display.
Qinsy can optionally store the raw snippet data depending on the settings in Database Setup.

Water Column Data

The multibeam driver can also read and decode WCD0 water column data messages.


There are two types of Water Column Data packets: Magnitude only and Magnitude and Phase. The first will induce a data output rate of 30 MB/second and the last an output rate of 70 MB/second. We currently advise to use Magnitude only to save disk space.
If you would like to store the WCD data in a database make sure that your hard disk is fast enough and even consider buying a Solid State Disk (SSD).
If you would only like to see the imagery in a raw display then you can just disable the water column storage in the Controller's Session Setup.

Please read the NicSetupForWaterColumnData.pdf (R2Sonic document) on Network Throttling. 


The Side Scan Sonar driver can decode the TruePix messages (TPX0 packets, as from Qinsy CD version 8.10.2012.05.06.1) and show them as sidescan data. It is also possible to log the raw TruePix messages in the Database.

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