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Raytheon (Single Frequency) - 01


Driver for decoding depth sensor messages in Odom Echotrac/Digitrace formats.

Both the standard output format and the dual bottom tracking output formats (single frequency and dual frequency) are supported.

The driver will apply the default scale factors according to the resolution, or 0.01 for the Raytheon, but this scale factor can be changed online.
Driver can also send annotation messages to the Odom echosounder.

Driver Information

Driver Odom Echotrac Raytheon Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input and Output Executable DrvAnnotate.exe
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Database Setup

Make sure that the output units are set correctly in Database Setup.


Driver with user-interface, so settings can be changed online, by clicking on system button on taskbar:

The format of the annotation output string can be selected online, under Settings - Annotation. By default, this is the same format as for decoding data.
There is also a possibility to send a direct annotation string.
All user selections are saved to Windows registry and restored the next time an annotation driver with the same system name (as defined in Database Setup) is started.

The driver window displays the user selections. Note that decoded values are not shown in the display.

Use Settings - Annotation to select the annotation format and output data content.
Use Options - Direct Annotation to send a fix mark and/or annotation comment directly to the echosounder or side-scan sonar.

Use Context Sensitive Help in the Annotation Dialog to get more information about each specific item.

Advanced Annotation

With the Deso 25 and Odom Echotrac annotation formats, some advanced settings are available.

For the Odom Echotrac, advanced annotation options are to correct the echosounder system time, or to set the echosounder chart speed, using the vessel speed over ground.
See annotation format descriptions below.

Drivers IO Notes

Command line parameter  "U" followed by a number will set a default scale factor.