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Remote Control - De Beers - 23


Driver can be used to command the Controller to start or stop logging.
Driver expects an input string from De Beers's software package.
This input string should be send with a regular update, e.g. 1 second update rate.

The driver will decode the so-called mining flag from the string, if this flag equals to mining (+1) and Controller is not yet recording then recording is started.
If flag changes to not_mining (-1) and Controller is logging then it will stop recording.
When then the driver commands the Controller to start recording it will also dictate the logging database name.
The database name is constructed from the various fields contained in the serial string.


If a database already exists then it will be overwritten without warning!

Driver Information

Driver Remote Control - De Beers Interface Type
Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvRemoteControlSerial.exe
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Decoding Notes

Driver will only decode successfully if:

  • String ends with <CR><LF> pair.
  • String starts with $DBMMINE
  • String contains 13 fields

Database Setup

It is not necessary to define any generic observations when using this driver


Settings/Session Setup/Storage/"Use Linename" option will be disabled whenever the driver instructs the Controller to start recording.

The "Use Prefix number" option can still be enabled if necessary.

The filename as constructed by the driver will then be expanded with a prefix that is automatically incremented when logging is stopped.