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Remote Control - TCP Server (Network) - 23


Driver can be used to command the Controller to start or stop logging and to shut down Qinsy. With the Start logging command also the name of the recording database can be set. In addition the driver will report an overall status which gives the status of logging and the IO status. The driver can be used to communicate with an external controller, for instance on an AUV. In the following description an AUV is used as the external controller. The external part will act as a client that connects to the driver which acts as a server.

Driver Information

Driver Remote Control - TCP Server (Network)  Interface Type TCP Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output Executable DrvRemoteControlTcpServer.exe 
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Database Setup

Set up a Miscellaneous system. It is not necessary to define any generic observations for correct operation.
However for monitoring the sending and receiving of messages it is possible to add observations that indicate the number of messages sent and received.
To do this add two observations and use the slot numbers RCVD_COUNT and SEND_COUNT.
The update rate for the driver can be set. If left at default (0) then the update rate will be once every 5 seconds.


In the Controller make sure that in the Session Setup for the database File setup the 'Use formatting' is disabled. 
This Session Setup is found under the Settings menu. In the Session Setup the formatting can be found under Storage/ Database.

The IO status will be healthy until a certain age. The default age for Positioning, Heading, Sonar, Timesync and Other is 5 seconds. 
For attitude this is 1 second. The age settings are stored in the registry.