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Reson Seabat 7K (TCP Network) Pipe Tracking - 20


Driver that decodes the Detected pipe record (2004) from a Reson Seabat 7K series Multibeam Echosounder using a TCP network connection. This driver acts as a client.
On start-up the 2004 record is requested from the Seabat 7K Server. Driver is set up to work as a "pipe tracker" multibeam system with 5 beams.

If the Reson will be detecting two pipes simultaneously then it is required to add two "pipe tracker " multibeam systems to the template.

The Latest Teledyne Reson FP4 software update contains a real time pipe detection algorithm. Through various parameters in the Seabat UI the behavior of the Detection Algorithm can be determined.

Every xx number of pings (currently 25) a 2004 record is output by the system and sent over to Qinsy.
At the time of writing this 2004 record contains the following markers:

MarkerAt Index In 2004 record
Seabed Left0
Trench Left adjacent to pipe1
Top of Pipe2
Trench Right adjacent to pipe3
Seabed Right4

Table: Markers in the 2004 record