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Reson Seabat 7K (UDP Network) - 20


Driver is superseded
This driver is superseded by a new TCP automatic driver, which can be found here.

As of Version 7 of the Seabat 7K Software the snippet window limitation can no longer be set in the user interface and this will lead to excessive amounts of 7008 snippet data.
It is therefore strongly recommended to use the new TCP driver because that driver will command the Reson to limit the amount of samples to a user definable value automatically.

Driver that decodes:

  • bathymetry
  • sidescan
  • snippet

from a Reson Seabat 7K series Multibeam Echosounder using a UDP broadcast over the network connection.

The Reson 7P processor should be set up to broadcast various record types, see below for details on the record types.
Bathymetry packets (7004/7006) and Snippet packets (7004/7008) can be exported to XTF.