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Reson Seabat 81xx-900x (Network) - 27


Driver for Reson Seabat 81xx & 900x series Multibeam Echosounders with Sidescan, using a network connection. The driver decodes the SIDESCAN_IMAGE (0x48).
This driver is also used to decode Multibeam data records, refer to multibeam echosounders section for more information.

This driver will only decode the 0x48 Sidescan data message, not the Snippet messages. Snippet messages can not be shown in the sidescan display.
Note that the Snippets are decoded as part of the multibeam system.

Driver Information

Driver Reson Seabat 81xx/900x (Network)  Interface Type UDP/TCP-IP Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvSeabatSocket.exe 
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Decoding Notes

The timetag from the data packets is used (if it is not zero) if the Reson Seabat driver is a network driver.
Therefore it is highly recommended to synchronize the times of the Qinsy and Seabat systems by adding the output driver "Seabat 8000 Series UTC Synchroniser" to the database.
If the Qinsy online setup includes a PPS Time Synchronization system, then the timetag will be truly UTC. See description under "OUTPUT SYSTEM DRIVERS".

Database Setup

Add a new System of type "Sidescan Sonar". Select driver System "Reson Seabat 81xx/900x (Network)".
Enter the BASE PORT number as set in the Seabat topside  for the port number.
Note that this was different in older Qinsy versions where the real port number was entered. The driver will (hard coded) open port number + 1.

On the next page it is important to select 2 channels for this System, a Port and a Starboard channel.
Select the correct node for both channels, the nodes are identical to the one(s) as used by the Multibeam system.
Select the "Associated Multibeam System".

Seabat IP Number Configuration

Refer to driver Reson Seabat 81xx-900x (Network) - 20 for more information on IP setup.

The Seabat processor outputs via UDP/IP:

Base port

Bathymetry packets

Base port + 1

Sidescan image (0x48) packets

Base port + 6

Snippet packets (SNP0/1)

This is now taken into account in the driver, so you can enter the base port number for multibeam and sidescan systems.