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Driver for the RWS MARS dreging monitoring message.

Driver to be used to decode strings containing dredger position coordinates and dredging parameters.

Driver Information

Driver RWS Mars Interface Type - Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvRwsMars.exe
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Decoding Notes

The driver assumes that the easting and northing coordinates form a position on the survey projection. The driver converts the position to a geographic coordinate pair before feeding into the rest of the system. Only the fields for which the field 2 shows that they contain valid data are decoded. In order to decode a valid field a observation for the field should have been defined. The fields that contain a numeric slot are decoded as observation connected to a system of the type "Miscellaneous Systems". The field that have a alphanumeric slot defined in the slot column are decoded as systems of the type "Single Beam Echosounder ".

You can either decode a field as miscellaneous or as a dredging sensor observation but each field can only be decoded once in either system. E.g. you can not decode Starboard mixture speed slot 22 as miscellaneous observation and dredge sensor observation in one driver.

System Configuration

The datum selected for this positioning system should always be identical to Survey Datum and the projection should be identical to the Survey Projection.

Database Setup

The RWS MARS driver can be used to obtain a position,dredging sensor observation, miscellaneous observation, tide, echosounder and/or a gyro reading. Select a different system with its own type for each one of the data types to be decoded. Be sure to define the same interfacing parameters, including driver description and COM port number and settings, for all of these systems.

For the Dredging Sensor observations the correct C-O's and/or scale factors should be defined in order to convert to the units as expected by Qinsy, e.g. Density is provided in Kilograms per cubic meter, Qinsy expects in tons per cubic meter so set a scale factor of 0.001.

To use the position fields see the the description under "POSITION NAVIGATION SYSTEM DRIVERS".
To use the heading field see the description under "GYRO SYSTEM DRIVERS".
To use the tide field see the description under "TIDE GAUGE SYSTEM DRIVERS".
To use the Dredging Sensor field field see the description under "DREDGING SENSOR DRIVERS".
To use the miscellaneous field see the description under "MISCELLANEOUS SYSTEM DRIVERS".
To use the echosounder field see the description under "ECHOSOUNDER SYSTEM DRIVERS".

Drivers IO Notes

NOCS: command line parameter "NOCS" disregards the checksum field.