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Seabat 8000 Series UTC Synchroniser - 15


Driver for synchronisation of a Reson Seabat 8000 series multibeam or Sercel Axyle AP1 to the Qinsy UTC time.

When Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) support is used, timing can be very accurate, otherwise synchronisation is done with the system time of the Qinsy computer.

Driver obtains the current PPS time, formats the string and outputs the data to the serial port.
Timestamp is valid for the first character of the output string.

No PPS is required in Axyle mode when used in combination with the Axyle 0 message position driver.

Driver Information

Driver Seabat 8000 Series UTC Synchroniser
Sercel Axyle UTC Synchroniser 
Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output  Executable DrvSeabatSynch.exe 
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Interfacing Notes

A simple one-way wired RS-232 cable is enough.

However, a bi-directional cable is more practical.

Database Setup

For the Axyle output, it is best to setup the update time at 30 seconds.
In this case, every 30 seconds a time sync message is sent to the AP1 receiver. 

Drivers IO Notes

AXYLE: Format will be set to Axyle type.
Data will be output exactly on the second.