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Seatools Grab Excavation System - 23


The driver with User Interface will decode Joystick commands; grab parameters, wire length and forces from a Seatools PSTSUR string.

Decoded fields are made available through generic observations.

Joystick commands are used to modify mainline structure in the Controller. 

Driver Information

Driver  Seatools Grab Excavation System  Interface Type Serial/UDP/TCP-IP Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvSeatoolsGrab.exe 
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Decoding Notes

Status Information is stored as an observation's Quality Indicator. If the Indicator is zero, it means it's valid, -1 indicates invalid data.

By default, the driver will only decode the received string if the NMEA checksum is valid. Command line parameter NOCS can be used to overrule the checking.

Database Setup

For decoding all fields, define a "miscellaneous system" and select driver "Seatools Grab Excavation System".
Add generic observations using the slot numbers below.
Note that a slot number matches the position of the field in the string, with field "1" being the $PSTSUR header.

The driver can interpret the joystick X and Y fields as commands that will alter the position of the currently selected Mainline.

The driver sends remote commands to the Controller to change the position of the mainline.

In order to do this, generic observations "JoyStickX" and "JoyStickY" must be decoded from the string (see above).