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Septentrio PolaRx2e - PolaRx2eH - 03


Driver that can be used to interface the older models Septentrio GPS receivers or OEM boards via the SBF (Septentrio Binary Format) binary protocol. For example the models PolaRx2e - PolaRx2eH- PolaRx2@. Note that for the newer models another driver should be used.

The driver can interface through the network (TCP/IP), the serial port, or USB. The Septentrio board acts as a data server. The driver connects to this server, and requests which packets it would like to receive. See below the message that is used.

This driver supports beside position also heading and pitch/roll but obviously only if the GPS receiver supports it and uses multiple antennas.

If the devices have a Ethernet (network) port this can be used as well, the default port used is 28784.


Driver Information

Driver Septentrio PolaRx2e - PolaRx2eH - PolaRx2e@ Interface Type TCP/IP
Driver Class Type Counted
UTC Driver (question)  Yes Input / Output Input  Executable DrvQpsCountedTcp.exe SEPTENTRIO_SBF_POLARX ACTIVE PPS
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Interfacing Notes

The Cable wiring diagrams can be found in the User Manual - Appendix H (PolaRx2).

A two way serial cable should be used.

Database Setup

The update rate in the database setup is used to tell the device at what speed it needs to operate. 
Allowed interval values are:

  • 0.100 sec (10 Hz)
  • 0.200 sec (5 Hz)
  • 0.500 sec (2 Hz)
  • 1.000 sec (1 Hz)

Other valid interval values are whole seconds between 2 and 60 seconds.

For more specifications see the "SetPVTinterval" command in the user manual.

Drivers IO Notes

Command line parameter description for "" file.


The driver configures the device to output certain SBF blocks which it needs, to decode the position, attitude and heading.


The driver will know that it has to boot in "Septentrio" mode.


Time from message is decoded.

Additional Information

As this is an active driver, it sends commands to the device:

"SetSBFOutput curr off"
This will tell the device to "be quiet"  for the moment.

"SetPTInterval 0.100"
This will set the update rate mentioned above.

"SetSBFOutput curr 0x43129a00"
This tells the device what blocks it needs to output for decoding