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Drivers Manual

Simrad EA-series Sub Bottom Profiling - 44


Driver for decoding various telegrams from the Kongsberg-Simrad EA400/440/500/600 Echosounder family via a network connection.

The following telegrams are supported:


Simrad Ping Based Binary Depth
Make sure that Frequency, SVP and Draft (Td Depth) is included (See System Config)


Sidescan target


Vertical target

RAW0Raw Telegram for Sidescan sonar, Sub Bottom Profiler and Watercolumn
EchogramSidescan sonar

The RAW0 and Q datagram are described in the Sidescan System chapter.

Note that the RAW0 message can also be used for the bottom classification algorithm.
Refer to Sidescan Systems chapter for more details.

As mentioned above, EAXXX series Echosounders can also be extended with a sidescan sonar setup. Usually a configuration of multiple side looking 120 kHz Transducers is used for this.

The classification 'RAW0' raw telegram is also used for the bottom classification algorithm. To use this algorithm an extra Sub Bottom Profiler add-on on the dongle is needed.