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Simrad EA-series Sub Bottom Profiling - 44


Driver for decoding sidescan samples from an EA400 Echosounder.

Driver can decode two types of datagrams:

  • Echogram (binary) datagram
  • EA400 ('RAW0') raw telegram

The same driver is also used for decoding:

  • Depth
  • Sub Bottom Profiling data - EA400 ('RAW0') telegram only

The EAXXX series Echosounders can also be extended with a sidescan sonar setup. Usually a configuration of multiple side looking 120 kHz Transducers is used for this.

The classification 'RAW0' raw telegram is also used for the bottom classification algorithm. To use this algorithm an extra add-on on the dongle is needed.

Driver Information

Driver Simrad EA-series  Interface Type UDP Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) Yes and No Input / Output Input Executable DrvSimradEAxxxSocket.exe 
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Decoding Notes

For time-tagging purposes the time from the message will be used if the driver "(With UTC)" has been chosen. If the other drivers (without the UTC) have been chosen, local computer time (or Time Synchronization/PPS if it is connected to Qinsy) will be used for time-tagging. The Channel number (Qx) is used to identify the transducer. Make sure that the correct slot numbers are used in Database Setup (see section Database Setup below).


  • Only the Pelagic Data is used.
  • If Selected pelagic (surface) range is larger than there is actual data then zeros are decoded.
  • Sound Velocity is not available in message.
  • Samples are compressed by the EA400.


  • Sound Velocity is decoded from this message.
  • All the samples are decoded. If operation is in deep water there will be many samples (many thousands).
  • Angle data is never decoded.

System Configuration

As mentioned above, there are two ways to transfer sidescan samples from EA400 to Qinsy:

The first is through the Echogram message. The echogram will contain (extra) amplified and compressed sidescan samples. The number of samples that are to be transferred is user selectable and hence independent of the operating range of the EA400.

The second is through the RAW0 classification message. This message contains all the samples that are acquired during the sweep, no additional amplification is applied.

Not on the same port

Do not output Echogram messages and RAW0 on the same port!

Echogram Datagram

The EAXXX Setup program must be configured correctly in order to output echogram sidescan data. Network setup can be accessed through the menu Interfaces|Network Interface.

Setup of Surface Range:

The left slider sets up the range of the samples, the right slider sets up the start of the range. To contain a complete sidescan picture including water column, it is advised to keep the start at zero. Note that sidescan slant range will be equal to start range + range! So if one enters a start range of 20 meters and a range of 100 then effectively the sidescan range will be a 120 meters with a blank in the first 20 meters.

RAW0 classification Datagram

The EAXXX Setup program must be configured correctly in order to output RAW0 sidescan data. Output can be enabled through the menu Interfaces|Classification.

  • Enable checkbox "Output Enabled"
  • Enter port and IP address of Qinsy computer.

No more settings are required when using this message.

Database Setup

The (Network UDP) Port number must be the same as the Remote Computer Port number, where the Simrad Echosounder is sending the data onto the network.

On the Simrad Echosounder you must also define, besides the Port number, the IP Address of the Remote Computer. It is recommended to use a mask for the last field of the address. I.e. if your IP address is e.g. (you can determine your address using the IPCONFIG command on a DOS command line, Select Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt), then set the Remote computer IP address to (It is recommended not to use loopback address


Select driver "Simrad EA-series Sidescan".

When defining the sidescan channels it is necessary to enter the correct slot number for every Sidescan channel. Sidescan data is only processed when a data message is decoded that contains the same channel number as the defined slot number. All sidescan data is only processed when all channels entered are received.

If you use the Echogram datagram then make sure to enter the correct sound velocity into Qinsy since this can not be decoded by the driver. The setting 'Sound Velocity' for a sidescan sonar system must be set to manual.

If you use the RAW0 Datagram then the sound velocity as entered in EA400 Controller program is used.

For viewing and editing of the raw water column data or bottom classification enable the option 'Use raw samples' and enter a calibration factor in the Database Setup.

Sub bottom profiling

EA440 Output configuration channels

Setting up EA400-type ("RAW0") output from EA440

DbSetup EA440 Sub Bottom Profiling

Setting up the Simrad EA440 driver for sub bottom profiling in Database Setup

Select driver "Simrad EA-series Sub Bottom Profiling".

The port number must be where the Simrad Echosounder is sending 'RAW0' data. This can be checked on the EA440 software under "<< Output", "Processed Data Output". The "RAW0" messages are the format of "EA400". For more information on settings and datagrams on the EA440 software please consult the EA440 reference manual.

It is necessary to enter the correct slot number of the channel that should be decoded as sub bottom profiling data. If more than one channel is to be decoded as sub bottom profiling data, then multiple nodes and corresponding slots can be entered for the sub bottom system. The slot numbers are used to properly position the channel. Sub bottom data is only decoded for the selected channels.