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Simrad EA500-EA501P Roll-Pitch-Heave - 03


Driver for decoding the Simrad  ASCII telegram.

This (depth) telegram is used by a number of Simrad EA series echosounder systems - e.g. EA400, EA500, EA501P, EA600.

The driver will decode the depth reading (in meters), as well as the bottom surface backscattering strength (as quality indicator).
The D#-message contains data for transducer 1, 2 or 3.
The user can specify which transducer will be used ('1', '2', 3''), or ignore the transducer number by selecting the appropriate slot ('Any') in DB Setup.

The Simrad (EA500, EA501P) device can also output a motion sensor message (MS-message), containing roll, pitch and heave. This driver can decode this message.
The Simrad EA501P device can also output a NMEA Depth message ($SDDBS). This driver will not decode this message.

Driver Information


Simrad EA-series

Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) Yes and No Input / Output Input Executable DrvSimradEA50x.exe 
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Decoding Notes

The quality indicator of the depth observation will be the bottom surface backscattering strength value.

Notice that time, transducer number and athwartships bottom slope are not used by Qinsy.

For time-tagging purposes the time from the Depth message will be used if the driver "Simrad EA-Series ASCII Telegram (With UTC)" has been chosen.
If the other driver (without the UTC) has been chosen, local computer time (or PPS if it is connected to Qinsy) will be used for time-tagging.