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Simrad EM3000 (Heading) - 05


Driver to be used to decode roll-pitch-heave observations from motion reference units outputting data in the Simrad EM1000 or EM3000 format. 

Driver Information


OISTAR Simrad EM1000/3000

Simrad EM1000/3000

Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Counted
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvSimradMRU.exe
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Decoding Notes

For both message types the status field is used to set the quality indicator.
For the EM1000 message the quality indicator is set to 1.00 when a 00h byte is encountered and a --1.00 if any other bytes is encountered.
For the EM3000 message the quality indicator is set using the following table:

Status Byte

Quality Indicator



91h – 9Fh

+1.10 to +2.50 (step size 0.10)

A0h - AFh

-1.00 to -2.50 (step size 0.10)



Drivers IO Notes

Command line parameters "EM1000" and "EM3000" indicate the message type as being decoded.
"OI" indicates that the time tags are obtained from preceding "OiSTAR" headers, if available.
Otherwise the first incoming byte is time tagged.