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Simrad HiPAP (400 Binary Format) - 02


Driver for Simrad HiPAP (High Performance Acoustic Positioning) 400 Format and to be used to decode USBL X, Y and Z data, relative between HiPAP Transducer and Transponder, and heading information.

Driver Information

Driver Simrad HiPAP (400 Binary Format)  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Counted 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvUsblCounted.exe SIMRAD_HPR400_BINARY
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Decoding Notes

The Qinsy driver first checks if the reply status is 0 before it continues decoding the USBL data.
The driver decodes the filtered x,y,z position coordinates of the transponder (distance from reference point in meters).

Database Setup

Slot numbers depend on the used HiPAP transponder or responder. Be sure to remove the 'B' and to add 100 to the transponder number. So if the transponder identifier is 'B48' the Qinsy slot number becomes '148'.

To decode the heading, add a "System" of type "Gyro", select the driver, and define the heading parameters.

To decode all four observations (USBL X/Y/Z and gyro heading), add both these system types to the Qinsy database and make sure to select the same driver name and the same I/O parameters for both systems.