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Simrad HPR (Heading) - 05


Driver for Simrad Hydroacoustic Position Reference (HPR) Format and to be used to decode USBL X, Y and Z data, relative between HPR Transducer and Transponder.
Driver can also decode the heading and Pitch/Roll information.

Driver Information

Driver Simrad HPR  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvUsblTerminated.exe SIMRAD_HPR300_BINARY NOCS 
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Database Setup

To decode all observations (USBL X/Y/Z, Pitch and Roll, and gyro heading), add the three system types to the Qinsy database and make sure to select the same driver name and the same I/O parameters for all systems:

  1. USBL 

    To decode the USBL, add a "System" of type "USBL", select the driver, and define the parameters. 

    Slot numbers depend on the used HiPAP transponder or responder, according to the table below:

    Qinsy Simrad HPR

    Slot ID



    1 ... 9

    1 ... 9


    11 (square)

    21.55   27.19


    22 (circle)

    22.78   28.41


    33 (triangle)

    23.98   29.76


    44 (X)

    25.19   31.25


    55 (Y)

    26.46   32.48


    Emergency A


    Emergency B

  2. Heading

    To decode the heading, add a "System" of type "Gyro", select the driver, and define the parameters.

  3. Motion

    To decode the pitch and roll, add a "System" of type "Pitch, Roll, Heave", select the driver, and define the parameters.