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Sonardyne Bundle Monitoring - 39


This driver is used to decode the information received from the Sonardyne Bundle Monitoring system. The following input systems are supported: 'Bundle Gyro Compass', 'Bundle Depth Sensor' & 'Bundle Auxiliary Sensor'. These sensors may be located on the bundle itself or on the leading/trailing towheads.

Driver Information

Driver Sonardyne Bundle Monitoring  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvQpsTerminated.exe SONARDYNE_BUNDLE 
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Decoding Notes

In order to add the link between the fields and the observation as defined in the Database Setup program slot numbers need to be entered. For these slot numbers the following convention is used:

Slot number



Depth value whereby x runs from 1 to 16 (for field 4 to 19)


Heading value whereby x runs from 1 to 16 (for field 20 to 35)


Analogue value whereby x runs from 1 to 16 (for field 20 to 35)


KP value as found in field 36

To decode the observations the following System types need to be defined in the Database Setup program:

Observation type

System type

Transponder depth

Bundle Depth Sensor

True heading

Bundle Gyro Compass

Analogue measurement

Bundle Auxiliary Sensor

KP value

Bundle Auxiliary Sensor

Drivers IO Notes

The driver supports the following command line parameters:

Comm and line option




Disable checksum verification

Not used


Enable usage of date&time field

Not used