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Sonardyne PAN LBL (LBL string) - 10


This driver decodes LBL ranges from received from a PAN unit.

It will decode ranges and depth FS, SI strings and ranges only from LB strings.

Driver Information

Sonardyne PAN LBL  Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated <LF>
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvSonardynePAN.exe
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Database Setup

Define a fixed node for each transponder used. Define a variable node on which the transducer or compatt is placed. Define an observation of type "Range" for each measured range. Remember to set the units of the range to milliseconds, to set the scale factor to 0.5 and to enter the propagation speed.

If the FS/SI strings are used, then slot 1 must be set to the interrogating compatt id (e.g. in the string form the previous paragraph this is 1003). The second slot must be set to the Individual reply frequency (IRF) from the interrogated transponder. If the LBL string is used, only the IRF from the interrogated transponder has to be entered in the 1st slot. The IRFs can be found in the LBL array calibration report.

Note on height or depth of ROV

Normally the transponders are located nearly in a plane so the observations do not contain enough information to solve for the height component of the ROV position. To make the computation calculate the height, it needs extra height information which may be provided by means of an extra, generic, 'ROV-Depth' observation.