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Drivers Manual

Sperry (Binary) - 05


Driver for decoding binary heading data strings from various gyros (Lehmkuhl, Robertson, Sperry, Brown).

Driver Information


Lehmkuhl (Binary)
Robertson (Binary and reversed Binary)
SG-Brown (Binary)
Sperry (Binary)

Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Flush 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvGyro.exe 
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Decoding Notes

When the driver is started and after a "Reset System I/O", driver will check if the sense of the data bytes is alright or should be reversed, as follows.

  • If the decoding of the original data byte sense fails, then the driver tries to decode the date byte string in the reversed sense.
  • If this succeeds, then the format mode is reversed from counted down to counted up, or vice versa.

The quality indicator of the gyro heading observation is then set to 2, instead of 1 (negative quality indicates bad data).

Database Setup

Note 1
Be aware that a Brown type of gyro that is outputting data in "Robertson" format, could still output the data bytes counted down, not counted up like an original Robertson type of gyro.
In this case, select the "Sperry (Binary)" driver or the "Robertson (Reversed Binary)" driver.

Note 2
If the quality indicator of the gyro heading is 2, then the gyro type does NOT correspond to the raw data.

Drivers IO Notes

 Command line parameter "NOAS" disables the autosensing check after a reset. 
 indicates type and sense of data value bytes.
"BROWN" will not only assume that the byte sense is counted down (which will be corrected if raw data byte sense is counted up), but will also (and always) apply a factor to the decimals.