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Sweep (Imtech DMS 3500) - 31


Driver for decoding the average draught value coming in via a network connection from Imtech's DMS3500 Draught Measurement System.
Draught is constantly measured but only valid when the vessel has no speed.
So operational wise: monitor the value, using e.g. a Timeplot Display, while the vessel is not moving, and then enter the monitored value in the vessels height settings in the Controller's Computation Setup.

The data message also contains, next to the draught, seawater temperature and depth of a sweep system, if installed.
When pressure sensors have been mounted on a bar to do a barcheck, you may decode the depth below water surface.
In that case, you may define an Echosounder System, and select driver 'Sweep Depth (Imtech DMS 3500)', or define an Underwater Sensor, select driver 'Depth - Sweep (Imtech DMS 3500)' and add an 'ROV Depth' observation.
Port number must identical to the Draught Measurement System.

Driver Information

Driver Imtech DMS 3500 Interface Type UDP/TCP-IP Driver Class Type UDP/IP Client
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvDraughtSocket.exe 
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Interfacing Notes

 Data is transmitted as UDP messages to a specific IP network number on a specific port number, e.g. 6001.

Every computer connected to this network may listen to the specific port number.

Database Setup

Define in Database Setup a (auxiliary) system of type 'Miscellaneous System' and select the driver 'Draught Measurement System (Imtech DMS 3500)'.
Enter the specific port number. You don't need to define an IP address.
On the next page add a new (generic) observation, change the name to 'Draught', enter for the slot id 'D", and leave the scale factor ato 1.000.

To decode the seawater temperature, add a new observation, change the name to 'Seawater temp', enter for the slot id 'S", and leave the scale factor at 1.000.

Hint: One may monitor if (binary) data is coming in at the specific port using the I/O Test Utility: Define a new Port and select Port Settings to connect to a Network and define the port number.