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Syledis Y-X Position (Quality) - 15


Driver to output position results (Northing/Easting on Survey Datum) in a Syledis Message format.
The position is always skewed to the time of output.

The driver supports two types of output modes:

  1. Position for currently selected output node, as set in Controller's Node Output
  2. Steered Point: position for currently active steered node, determined by the Controller (Online).

Driver Information

Driver Syledis Y/X Position  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output  Executable DrvOutPosition.exe 
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Encoding Notes

If the 'Steered Point' mode has been selected and the computation fails for the current steered point, its position will be predicted for the number of seconds set in the Filter option in the Controller (default 10 seconds) and then changed automatically to the next steered point. If there is no more steered point left, the last known position will be outputted. To limit the output to a certain position age, add 'AGE' to the file (see below). In this case, the drivers stops outputting data if the position results are older that 'N' times the output system update rate, where 'N' is the 'Age factor' from registry (see below).

The sensor number will not by default contain the Computation Id of the selected node or Steered Node anymore, but has been fixed to "1" because a Cegelec DP 901 did not accept any other number.

The DRMS value is computed as sqrt(sE²+sN²) and the LPME value is just the standard deviation for the horizontal position, taking correlation into account. Both values are by default 1-sigma = 68%.


Online , except when the "Steered Point" option of this driver has been selected, the appropriate output node must be selected before the driver starts cycling. After going online with the Controller for the first time, select an output node in the computation setup.

In case of outputting the Steered Node position, the user has to set up also one or more Steered Points.

Drivers IO Notes

Command line parameters for use in the file are as follows. "STEER" will use the Steered Node position, otherwise the position is used for the node that is selected in the Controller's Node Output settings.

"SYL" will start DrvOutPosition in Syledis mode. "ADCP", "SNGLL" or another header will start the driver in ADCP mode. See "ADCP Lat/Lon Position" and "ADCP X/Y Position" drivers for more information.

"FQ" will start DrvOutPosition with the "(Fault Quality)" format, "Q" will output the "(Quality)" format.

Registry Options

If the output drivers has been started once, some registry variables are available under the following key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPS\Qinsy 8.xx\Drivers\DrvOutPosition\Settings]

Age factor

default 5

multiplication factor for system update rate, to compute maximum age

Quality factor

default 1

0: set zero DRMS LPME values; 1: 1-sigma values; 2: 2-sigma values

Sensor number

default 1

1-4: fixed sensor number; 0: replace sensor number by computation id

Link weight

default 10

10-99: system link weight (see NGL User Manual for more info).

Filter strictness

default 0

0-9: filter strictness value (see Alstom Manual, Cegelec Manual).