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Syntrak 480 Output (Steered node) - 15


This driver sends a message to the Syntrak 480 system whenever a fix is generated in Qinsy.

The message contains information about the fix: number, date, time, position, water depth, course and speed. There is a delay between the fix and sending the message of minimum 100 milliseconds.

The position being sent is the node selected in Node Output... When the STEERED option is used the steered node position will be used.

The water depth is the depth the first found echo sounder system has sent to the Qinsy system.

So if more than one echo sounder is available to take data from the first one in the list will be used to fill the depth field.

Driver Information

Driver Syntrak 480 Output  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output Executable DrvOutSyntrak480.exe
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