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Teledyne Odom MB1 - 20


Driver that decodes bathymetry/sidescan/snippets/timetag (pps) from the Teledyne Odom MB1 Multibeam sonar system. For more information on the system please refer to their website:

The driver acts as a UDP client that listens to the MB1 Image program. This driver will decode data from the MB1 TDY packets. The RTA1 (raw serial data from external sensors) packets are only used for the timetag (pps) decoding in this driver, but the RTA1 packets can also be decoded by other drivers, see below for more info. The MB1 system will use its own time synchronization to PPS/UTC. The MB1 system is controlled by the IMAGE program which will forward the data to the driver. Note that the IMAGE program may run on the same PC as Qinsy. 

Qinsy can now also synchronize its internal clock (PPS) to the MB1 RTA1 messages (as of September 2013).