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Teledyne RDI Citadel CTD (ex FSI) - 31


Driver for the Teledyne RDI Citadel series of CTD probes. This line of CTD instruments was formerly produced by Falmouth Scientific Inc. (FSI) but has been taken over by Teledyne RDI.

The driver will decode the FSI standard output that contains Sound Velocity, Pressure, Temperature, Salinity and Conductivity.

Driver Information

Driver Teledyne RDI Citadel CTD (ex FSI) Interface Type Network (UDP)/Serial Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) Yes and No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvQPsTerminatedUDP.exe 
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Decoding Notes

When the UTC option of the driver is used and a working Time Synchronization system is part of the setup then the Time/Date from the message is used as the observation time of the message. If this option is not used the time of arrival will be used.

The Driver will convert the pressure hard coded from DeciBar to Bar, by dividing the pressure by ten.

Database Setup

In order to decode the sound velocity and pressure, add an "Underwater Sensor" system to the setup and add two observations: a Sound velocity type and a Pressure type.
Units should be m/s and Bar respectively. 
The slot strings should be "SOUNDVELO" and "PRESSURE" respectively.

In order to decode the other fields (temperature, conductivity, salinity) add a "Miscellaneous System". 
Add observations, slot strings should be set to "CONDUCT" (Conductivity) , "SALINITY" (Salinity) and "TEMP" (Temperature).

Additional Information

For more information refer to the manufacturer's websites: