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Text Annotation - 17


Driver for sending annotation messages (Fix Marks, SOL / EOL Info, Fix Event Info, etc.) to echosounders.

This is a driver with user-interface, so settings can be changed online by clicking on the system button in the task bar.

The format of the annotation output string can be selected online, under Settings – Annotation.

By default, no header is added before the output message. There are also possibilities to send direct annotation messages.

The Annotation Driver will display an overview of your selections

  • Driver: port and format
  • Annotation: format and when fix out
  • Annotation: what is being output upon fix

Driver Information

Driver Text Annotation  Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Counted/Terminated
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output Output Executable  DrvAnnotate.exe TEXTOUT
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Database Setup

In Database Setup, add a "Closure Output system":

Name For example: "Closure Output System"
Type  Closure Output System
Driver Text Annotation
Port Number As set up on Qinsy PC to output a proper signal

Leave the Closure Parameters page at its defaults. Settings will not be used for this driver unless a QPS fix box is in use.


When working Online in the Controller, closures will only be generated depending on the Fix setup as set in the Session Setup > Fixing section.

For more information on how to set up fixes, please visit this link:

Driver use

When going Online the user interface dialog box for this driver is typically minimized in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

On maximizing, click the 'Plus' button to select the Annotation sentence(s) to be output.

Annotation Settings

Select and/or check what you would like to output via this driver

  • Text Out: Select the format to be output by the driver
  • Annotation Trigger: Select how you want to annotate the trigger
  • Annotation Output: Select what your output information will be

Format Type

Text Out Regular Text output
Annotation Triggering

Never (disabled)

This option will never output an annotation upon any trigger (unless you manually trigger)

When fixnumber updates

Output annotation when the fixnumber in Qinsy increments
When recording is active Output annotation when the fixnumber in Qinsy increments but only during an actual recording
Annotation Output
Fixmarks (straight lines) Signal out for indicating a new fix
SOL/EOL Information Information out for indicating SOL (start of line) or EOL (end of line)
Fix Event Information Event information output as set in 'Settings'

Fix Information - Settings

Select 'Settings' next to 'Fix Event Information' to set up your output string.

Select Node

Steered Node to determine position or line offsets

Check this if you would like the steered node to be used to determine the position or the line offsets.

The steered node can still be set up in Computation Setup, where you can select the node for which the fix is to be calculated.

Adjustment Which computation should be used for Fix event out
Node Which node should be used for Fix event out
Annotation String

Fix number preceded by Character

Current fixnumber + Character of choosing

UTC time of fix event (HH:MM:SS)

Tick to record UTC time instead of local time
Position (Easting, Northing) Position of the selected node
KP (Route) or MP (Line) KP along the route or MP along the line
Distance Offline Distance in meters off the selected line
E/S Depth Echosounder depth. When activated, select which transducer to use for recording.