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Third Party synchronized Windows system time - 18


This driver can be used when the Windows system time is already being synchronized by another program. For example when Qinsy is running on the same computer as the Reson topside software (Reson 8125 Hybrid). This driver can also be used for simulation purposes in a training environment.

When this driver is used then Qinsy is obviously not allowed to synchronize the Windows system time. This option is automatically disabled in DbSetup when this driver is selected.

Only use this driver if the Windows system clock is actively being synchronized by third party software. If the third party makes very abrupt changes to the Windows time it may negatively influence the PPS accuracy.

It is important that Qinsy uses an accurate internal clock that is running synchronized to the clocks in other systems (e.g. GPS, multibeam etc.)

Every second the driver will ask the Windows operating system the exact system time and data with the API call "GetSystemTime()". This is done closely to the second change over.

This information is then transferred into the rest of Qinsy. 

Driver Information

Driver Third Party synchronized Windows system time  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvPpsWindowsSystemTime.exe 
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Database Setup

Add a new PPS System, select driver "# Third party synchronized Windows system time". Select Next page, usage of the PPS Adapter is not necessary so leave that disabled. The Advanced Setting option "Disable Windows system time synchronization should be activated. This is done automatically.