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Tritech SCU-3 Bathy Environmental Data (UTC) - 23


Driver to decode data from a Tritech SCU-3 unit, outputting a so-called bathymetric and/or velocity reply data structure. 

The following fields can be decoded and used as observations in Qinsy:

  • Depth
  • Altitude
  • Sound Velocity

The following environmental fields may also be decoded (if present) and used as generic observations in Qinsy:

  • Mean Velocity
  • Used Velocity
  • Mean Density
  • Conductivity
  • Salinity
  • Digiquartz Pressure
  • Digiquartz Temperature
  • Conductivity Probe Temperature

There are two versions of the driver: a Passive and an Active (With UTC) one:

  • Passive driver 
    It does not send any command to the SCU-3 unit, and time-stamping of the data is done when data is received at the serial com port.
  • Active driver (With UTC) 
    It will synchronize the SCU-3 unit with the UTC time of the Qinsy computer. 
    At startup it will set the SCU-3 unit to continuous output, using the "Set Continuous Mode (S+)" command. 
    When running, it will set the SCU-3 time and date equal to the Qinsy UTC time every minute, using a "Set Button Bar Data (SB)" command. 
    When PPS support is used, the timing can be very accurate. 
    Notice that you need a two-way serial cable (which is not splitted to another com port) in order to send commands and receive data!
  • SeaKing 700 Series (Bathy) System Data 
    • Seanet Remote Communications
      Software Manual
      0706-SOM-00004, Issue: 02