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Ulvertech Bathy (Depth - Altitude) (Passive) - 31


Driver to decode depth, altitude, sound velocity and/or environmental observations, such as temperature, density, salinity and/or pressure, from an Ulvertech Bathy Plus/OSP Sensor or an Ulvertech Profiler, if the output data is in the format of the Bathy Plus (O.S.P.) telegram.
See also the "Ulvertech Profiler" entry.

Currently, the driver only works in passive mode, i.e. it will not decode the timetags from the data strings.
Therefore, determining a time latency might be important. Enter such a latency value in the database.

Note: In passive mode, the Ulvertech must be set up for Continuous Output Bathy Plus (O.S.P.) Data.

Driver Information

Driver Ulvertech Bathy   Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated
Terminated <LF>
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvUlvertechBathy.exe
DrvUlvertechBathy.exe PAS
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Decoding Notes

The slot number of each observation is used to determine which field in the telegram must be decoded.

The driver does not apply any factors to decoded values, so be sure to enter scale factors in Database Setup, if the format is a custom output format.
The full O.S.P. output format already has got meters (m/s) as units.

Database Setup

To decode depth, altitude and/or sound velocity from the telegram, add a system of type "Underwater Sensor" and select driver "Ulvertech Bathy (Depth & Altitude)". Add observations of type "ROV Depth", "ROV Altitude" and/or "Sound Velocity". Enter slot numbers that correspond to the field index in the data telegram (1,2,...).  Make sure to select proper units and enter appropriate scale factors, e.g. 0.01 to convert decoded values from cm to m, such as in the format example for the custom output format with depth and altitude. The "ROV Depth" and "ROV Altitude" observations can be defined at different "At" nodes.

To decode the other parameters from the telegram, add a system of type "Miscellaneous Systems" and select driver Ulvertech Bathy Environmental Data. Add a generic observation for each parameter that is to be decoded. Enter slot numbers that correspond to the field index in the telegram (1,2,...). These parameters can be monitored in an "Observation Physics Display" and exported from a recorded database, using for example the "Analyze" module in the "Raw Database Manager", accessible through "Replay" in the Console.

The driver also supports an echosounder observation that is obtained by adding the depth and altitude observations, plus the relative Z offset between their respective "At" nodes (not corrected for pitch and roll). However, this option will only work if both the "ROV Depth" and "ROV Altitude" observations have been defined too. Their units and scale factors are used to compute a depth in meters. In order to define such a echosounder depth observation, add a system of type "Singlebeam Echsounder" and select driver "Ulvertech Bathy (Depth + Altitude)". Depth reference should of course be "Sea Level"; stabilizations all enabled.

Make sure to select the same COM port number and I/O parameters for each of these systems.